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Our main strategies are selection of geographical area of intervention, selection of community members, mobilization through health education and dissemination of information, service provision, institutional building and strengthening, capacity building, networking and policy advocacy. SAHAS works directly with communities and also in collaboration with other groups and organizations through capacity building and networking for collective action in areas including HIV and AIDS, violence against women, right to information and advocacy for young people’s sexual and reproductive health and rights. SAHAS has emerged as a strong and committed organization building grassroots level organizations lobbying for just policies and working through partnerships and networks.

Trust areas

We work in the following key sectors :

  • Health – primary focus on HIV and AIDS, Sexual and reproductive health.
  • Youth development – focus on health and development
  • Education – with a focus on overall development of children.
  • Women’s Development - focus on health and empowerment.
  • Human rights