Governance Board members

Dr. K Rajgopalan - Chairperson

A medical doctor by profession, Dr. Rajgopalan has a keen interest in social causes.This is what inspires him to be associated with SAHAS. His efforts fuel the organization in achieving its goals.

Dr. Vibha Marfatia - Vice chairperson/Executive Director

Vibha established SAHAS along with others in 1997. She is a scientist by training but a development enthusiast at heart. As Executive Director, she is involved in the vision achievement, strategic direction and management of the organization. She is also an Ashoka Fellow (

Mr. Rilesh Limbachiya - Member Secretary

Before qualifying as an advocate, Rilesh worked with SAHAS for six years. He continues to be associated with the organization and brings with him a rich experience of working with communities.

Prof. Nalini Jogleker - Trustee

Having experience in the field of education for more than forty years, Professor Jogleker is quite clear that education is the key to development. As one of the founders of SAHAS and a backbone of the organization, she continues to be active even after retirement.

Ms. Gita Gandhi - Trustee

Gitas engagement with SAHAS is through her inherent passion for social work. She has been involved with the organization since its formation.

Dr. Jitendra F Patel - Trustee

As a medical practitioner and one of the founders of SAHAS, Dr. Patel has a rich experience of community health issues.

Ms. Amudha Ranganathan - Trustee

Amudha has a long association with SAHAS. She has a deep understanding of communities and has been responsible for taking our programmes to grass roots level. She is also actively engaged in the field of education.

Mr. Dinesh Dhruv - Member

His philanthropic nature is what inspired him to be associated with the social cause taken up by SAHAS.

Mr. Sushil Surve- Member

Sushil began his tenure with SAHAS more than ten years ago. He has enriched the organization with his experience of field level realities and also of finance. Deeply committed to SAHAS, Sushil also finds time to practice as an advocate.


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